About Us

GEOLINES LLC specializes in characterization of the subsurface using surface seismic geophysical methods and cone penetration testing (CPT). The development of specialized analytical software and the use of portable computers in the field have revolutionized the use of surface geophysics and data collection from push technology and given us powerful new tools for competitive, cost-effective and comprehensive understanding of what underlies the ground surface.

GEOLINES uses surface geophysical techniques to provide site characterization services that include:

    • Location of faults and fissures

    • Earthquake site response (shear wave velocity profiles for IBC Site Class determination an/or site-specific response spectra)

    • Mapping the subsurface using refraction seismic and refraction microtremor techniques

    • Estimating the strength of subsurface materials (erosion potential, collapse potential and ability to rip)

    • Ground vibration monitoring and reporting (blast monitoring and evaluation of alleged vibration damage)

    • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), and

  • Down-hole shear and compression wave velocity determination

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